Foreign Policy

Recently during the beginning of our foreign policy unit we watched a film called The World Without US, a film describing the impact American military protection has on foreign countries. The narrator was searching for an answer to his question- is the United States sticking its nose in places it does not belong, or is America truly helping the foreign countries? I do not think there is a concrete answer to this question, and that it is up to the president of the United States to decide what is the right decision for America. Most of the people interviewed believed the United States should have intervened in Bosnia before the conflict got out of hand, and blamed the resulting deaths on America. This is only one of the foreign conflicts discussed, but it highlighted the power America’s military has. However, despite the fact that the US military can help stop wars, some of the foreigners believed America should mind their own business unless called upon. America has thousands of troops all around the world in countries that are currently at peace, so some people question their reason for being there, and claim constant military presence can cause a country, especially a small one, to feel helpless and not in control of their own affairs.

The narrator considers what would happen should America decide to bring all of their troops back home. It seems like a smart decision for America, because we would not need to spend as much money on our military and could instead use the money to better our economy or lower taxes. Japan is a good example of a country who is using their money and resources to build their economy instead of spending on military. It is now the second largest developed economy in the world. That all sounds beneficial to America, but there are other people to consider before making the decision to abandon all other countries. Many of the small countries without advanced militaries would be swallowed up by their larger surrounding neighbors. I do not think America should pull out of all other countries entirely, however I do think the benefits of cutting down on military spending should be considered. The United States has been in debt for many years, and choosing to spend money on domestic affairs rather than overseas protection could be a possible solution.


3 thoughts on “Foreign Policy

  1. I agree, it seems that America often has their necks in other countries offering to help and solve issues when there are still a lot of issues at home that should be taken care of. America is one of the worlds leading countries when it comes to technological advancements and resources, therefore I do believe that we have a duty to help countries that may not be as fourtunate as us. This raises the question, how should we determine which countries recieve our aid and how much help should we give without breaking our own bank. Should we just provide enough for countries to be able to survive on their own , or risk counties becoming too dependent on the United States.


  2. I completely agree with you on the fact that the US should think wisely about how money is spent and making the right decision when it comes to our invovlment in foreign countries. If many countries are at peace, why should the US get involved? My answer to this is the reinstatement of power in light of fear. Generally speaking, when one is afraid of a certain outcome, they try to do anything to make it seem that they are more powerful in a situation they cannot control. By the US military having troops in countries of peace, it is almost like they are preparing for their created power to be threatened, regardless is if the situation involves the US. Also, the involvement of the president is connected to the question of power by the US. Since the president is the Commander in Chief of the Military, he is the one making the choice of which countries “need” US troops in them. Since the president is deciding on his own already, the question posed from this film becomes a question that the population can take upon themselves to answer. Tax dollars are going to the military, but if they are not needed to serve, bring them home to their families and tax payers can spend money on needed US affairs.


  3. I agree with your position of a balanced solution, where not entirely pulling out on all countries militarily, but partially and then using that money to focus more on economics or other beneficial solutions. I don’t think America should approach war where war is not needed, I think we should only go to war if our national safety is in jeopardy. I think your post raises a lot of opportunity to consider Americas military habits. Good job!


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